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Goddess Rarity (ISIS) :iconsolaris-lights:Solaris-Lights 30 18 Twilight Sparkle :iconluckylines:LuckyLines 103 7 The Moon is Young :iconsitrophe:Sitrophe 323 33 believing is not enough :iconmrw32:MrW32 163 10 IDWLimitedMLPCards :iconponygoddess:PonyGoddess 66 4 Twilight :iconlyra-senpai:Lyra-senpai 813 35 Full Stop :icontsitra360:Tsitra360 1,110 47 Fluttershy :iconkoviry:Koviry 873 37 Applejack :icon1gore:1gore 312 35 Cafe :icongign-3208:gign-3208 2,354 220 Fluttershy humanization :iconthekingofkings18:TheKingOfKings18 252 13 Rarity in Repose-5 :iconladylittlefox:LadyLittlefox 269 63 Cosplay series: Harley Quinn :iconbeamsaber:BeamSaber 413 24 Friendship is Magic :icontoonbaboon:toonbaboon 142 6 Bloom :iconson-trava:son-trava 1,334 83 The Fabulousness Will Last Forever! :iconjoellethenose:JoelletheNose 1,604 95

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Group Info

This group is about the six Elements of Harmony who are known as:

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle's Element is Magic. After you realize That she she have friends, to spark ignite her upon hearing Within her new friends arrive to her aid. This Causes the five spirits to reveal Themselves, Which in turn the sixth and final Reveals element. Her spirit symbolized by her gold WAS with a magenta tourmaline tiara shaped like her cutie mark.

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash's Element is Loyalty. After the ponies reach the old castle, Rainbow Dash decide to repair the rope bridge to get across for Them. She is a group of Confronted by dark ponies Who call and ask Shadowbolts Themselves The Dash to join Them as Their captain, telling her she have to choose her friends over Them. Their declines offer Dash and ties the bridge, cross Letting The Others. Her spirit symbolized by her was gold necklace with a ruby ​​shaped like her cutie mark.


Rarity's Element is Generosity. After encountering a serpent who is flamboyant to be upset about STIs mustache Being ruined, Rarity, who is angered by this "Crimes Against fabulousity" Sympathie with him and cuts off her own tail so That Can be restored historical mustache. Her spirit symbolized by her gold WAS with an amethyst necklace shaped like her cutie mark.

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie's Element is Laughter. After wandering Into a darkened area of ​​the forest, the group is frightened by trees carved with scary faces. Howeve, Pinkie just laughs and funny faces Makes, Causing the faces to vanish. She Explains That They Can Conquer Their Fears by laughing at Simply Them. Her spirit symbolized by her gold WAS with a blue topaz necklace shaped like her cutie mark.


Kindness is Fluttershy's Element. When the group encounters an angry manticore, They decide to fight to get past it. But it Fluttershy intervener and Approaches, Discovering That a thorn stuck in STI is the cause of paw STI rage. She calms Remove IT and the beast, Letting the ponies pass. Her spirit symbolized by her WAS gold necklace with a pink opal shaped like her cutie mark.


Applejack's Element is Honesty. Ace tries to save Twilight Applejack hanging over from the edge of a long drop, she tells Twilight to let go, much to her surprise. Applejack That says her if she'll trust Will Twilight be OK. Twilight trusts her and lets go and is caught by Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Her spirit symbolized by her gold WAS with a citrine necklace shaped like her cutie mark.
Founded 6 Years ago
Jun 17, 2011


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Fan Club & Art Collection

5,380 Members
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Welcome to the Elements of Harmony!

Hey there!

Welcome to the Elements-of-Harmony group.

This group is about the Main Characters of MLP FiM, also known as the Mane Six.


IMPORTANT: You can submit pictures of all kind of styles: anthro, digital, traditional, crafts, etc... but of course it has to contain a Mane Six character, or all of them. :) (Also, we do have a mimimum standard of at least medium quality.)

:faq: Useful Information / Rules :faq:

~ Joining ~

All join requests are automatically accepted, so don't worry about asking! :thanks: Just click the Join Our Group button and you're in!

~ Submissions: Content ~

1. KEEP IT SAFE FOR WORK! No suggestive or violent content please. :police: If it needs a Mature Content label, it doesn't belong here!

2. Sketches have to be coloured. Greyscale pics are fine, as long as it's done nicely. :pencil: Lineart without colours is fine if it's shaded, but bare lineart is not accepted.

3. Doodles that look as if they were made in MS Paint in 2 minutes will be rejected. Please, put some heart in your art (it might seem obvious, but some things need to be said).

4. No Work in Progress deviations please (unless they LOOK like something finished, e.g. a sketch with flat colours).

5. OCs are not allowed, unless it's really good and has at least one Mane Six character. :p

6. :bulletred: No Garry's Mod/Minecraft/Pony Creator/Source Filmmaker ponies. These are games. You didn't make those games, and this is one of many reasons why we don't accept them.
:bulletred: If you submit vectors pasted into a photograph, it needs to look good, i.e. there must be shadows, shading etc. If it's just a vector pasted into a photo, it will be declined. Be creative.
:bulletred: No screenshots from the show. Now, we all like the show, but this isn't the place for anything you didn't draw yourself.
:bulletred: No memes from Meme Generator or similar sites!
:bulletred: Art with a DA watermark won't be accepted.
:bulletred: No fetish art! Pregnant ponies or ponies in diapers are the biggest no-nos and won't be accepted. No exceptions.
:bulletred: Traced vectors are also not allowed here.

7. If the Mane 6 characters appear in the picture only in the background, it probably won't be accepted unless it's something truly amazing.

8. Poorly scanned art or blurry/poorly done photographs will be rejected, as will anything drawn on lined paper.

9. We don't accept journals with commission info!

Submissions: Folders
10. Please, put your art in the right folder. :#1: (If you don't, it's not the end of the world, but doing it right first time makes it easier for everyone.)

11. Art submitted to folders for individual characters must not contain any other characters, i.e. pictures in the Rarity folder must have Rarity and Rarity only in the frame. Pets are the only exception to this rule.

12. It's not allowed to submit anything to the Featured folder; admins choose the best deviations and put them there.

13. The Multiple Characters folder is for:
:bulletred: 1-5 Mane Six ponies with other characters
:bulletred: 2-5 of the Mane Six together
:bulletred: All of the Mane Six together with anyone else. Pets are the only exception.

~ Group Behaviour ~

17. Don't ask on the main page of this group why your art was declined!

18. Insulting admins or otherwise annoying them can get you blocked.

19. And the most important one: Just chill out and have fun! ;) And enjoy the art! :D


If, for any reason, you are not sure if your art will be accepted into this group, just send it (you can also add a comment on the deviation submission). If something is wrong - it can just be declined.

Thanks for reading!


These ponies make this group possible :)


Active Members

A (former now) founder of this group decided to change her account, and left this group as well, leaving me in charge from now on. She asked me to inform you about this. Let's hope she will find more peace on her new account (She didn't say what her new account is)

Basically, nothing will change because of that - group will be working as it's been working so far.
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